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Great Reputation

From our reviews, customer feedback, and platforms you'll see we're worth dealing with.

Sales Transparency

We give you all the info you need on a card to make an informed decision before you purchase.

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We've been around for awhile, buying from us is safe and secure.

We sell Graded and Ungraded cards



Hi5 Cards and Collectables

We are your one-stop shop for everything relating to card collecting. We guarantee that you’ve never been to another card shop like ours and you won’t find a better looking card shop anywhere. We’ve been Bloomington’s one and only sports card shop since 2021, with the best Pokémon collection you’ll find anywhere! No matter if you’re looking to spend $5 or $5000, we’ll have exactly what you need! Our staff members are knowledgeable about current market trends, and every employee here is able and ready to make deals.
hi 5 cards bloomington card shop - sports card collectionhi 5 cards bloomington card shop - sports card collectionhi 5 cards bloomington card shop - sports card collectionhi 5 cards bloomington card shop - sports card collection

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Upcoming Events


Pokemon - Every Friday

Date: Every Friday @ 6pm
Venue: Hi 5 Cards and Collectibles Store
Bring the whole family for a friendly Pokemon Tournament. Every friday from 6pm to 8pm
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Indy Sports Card Show

Date: August 5, 2023
Venue: LaQuinta Inn, 5120 Victory Drive
See us there between 8am and 2pm
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J&J All Star Sportscards Show

Date: August 26, 2023
Venue: Our Mother of Sorrows, Lyons Hall, 774 Easter Pkwy, Louiseville
See us there between 9am and 2pm - kids always welcome
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hi 5 cards and collectibles pokemon cards stand bloomington indiana

With enough cards to make even a lifetime collector blush.

what we sell

We sell all kinds of graded and ungraded cards. We have a wall of common cards, in addition to high end cards in every sport. We have a massive Pokémon collection with enough cards to make even a lifetime collector blush. We have a variety of memorabilia, signed and unsigned, including helmets, jerseys, and posters. In the mood to open some packs? We got you covered. When it comes to sports, we have vintage packs, modern packs, hobby boxes and everything in between. For Pokémon, we have a great selection of packs, booster boxes and anything you need to scratch the itch to rip. Our inventory is always rotating, there’s never a guarantee we’ll still have it next time you return!

Do we buy

Yes! However, depending on the actual item we may or may not make an offer. For sports cards, we’re looking for mainly modern cards, or any high end cards (autographed, serial numbered, rare, etc). For Pokémon cards, we’re interested in just about anything outside of non-holo base cards. Generally, if it’s shiny, we probably want it. We do buy sports memorabilia, but if it is autographed, we do require that it be authenticated. If you’re not sure if your collection is something we’re interested in, bring it in! At Hi5, we will ALWAYS look at any collection.

If you aren't sure - Bring It In

hi 5 card shop bloomington indiana - sports card memorabilia
hi 5 cards bloomington card shop - sports card collection

We Grade Through SGC


Yes, we do grading! We grade through SGC, which is a very reputable company and one of the best grading companies to use. If you are unsure if a card is worth grading, bring it in and we will give you our honest opinion. We will never guarantee grades, as it’s impossible to know the exact grade a card will receive. We may give you a range we think the card may fall into, but that is merely our opinion.
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